We will book a consultation with the agent and sellar at the home for a 2 hour time frame. At the initial consultation all recommendations are made and many items are immediately moved to make the process easy for the seller. CSD will make suggestions from minimum to maximum changes needed such as paint, new carpet, drape & wallpaper removal etc. The seller will decide how many of the suggestions they will execute. We are here to assist by providing service and contract recommendations for the jobs. We followup with a written list of recommendations within one business day. In many cases we will move in furniture and accessories while the owner is living in the home for a partial staging fee if necessary.

Also we will come in early during construction with the contractor doing a major renovation to get a home to market. We do design recommendations to create a cohesive look, design plan, choose materials, paint, carpet, finishes, flooring etc. We shop with contractor or seller during this process.

The goal is always to make the homes vacant or owner occupied look like model homes to sell quicker and for a higher price!