Coastal Staging and Design (CSD) provide professional and exceptional services to create the visual impact necessary to sell your home quickly and for the highest price.


Kathy Haase Owner, is an Award Winning Designer with 15 years of experience. Kathy was a Showhomes franchise owner in Scottsdale, Arizona for 12 years, and Portland, Oregon the largest staging company in the country. Her staging and design expertise was instrumental in helping hundreds of homes sell. Kathy moved to the Orange County area in April 2010 and brought her award winning style with her.

We stage & design all style of homes from Contemporary, Coastal, Santa Barbara, Transitional, Traditional, & even Tuscan. From simple 1,200 square foot homes priced at $350,000 to breathtaking 18,000 square foot homes priced at $18 million, CSD has the expertise & experience to help you sell your vacant listing.

Deborah Reymeyer, has been involved in the real estate industry for the past 12 years and has worked with numerous agents, homeowners and contractors. Deborah has extensive knowledge of what it takes to get a home to sell at the highest price in the quickest amount of time, whether it is with renovating, staging or simply de-cluttering. She also consults with clients who are just looking to give their home a fresh, updated look.

Let CSD help you achieve the WOW FACTOR your home deserves. We at CSD help prospective buyers visualize themselves living in the property. Most people have difficulty visualizing space, size, and placement of furniture in rooms. Beautiful furniture and accessories add to the ambiance and makes it a desirable home. So let us at Coastal Staging paint the picture for them.

We are a vacant / re-design property marketing firm dedicated to staging properties on the market for sale. We do this by transforming your home and showcasing your personal furnishings to give the home the greatest advantage and the best visual presence in this market.

How we do it?

We transform your house to a showcase model home. A CSD home is a home that gives the prospective buyer the “visual” they need to place themselves in your home. We want them to think of your home as their next home. We will provide furnishings that highlight the home. The presentation and design of your home is priority one for us.


CSD customized our design plan based on the style, size and location of the property. This allows us to select furnishings which transform the vacant house into an inviting home.

How long will it take?

Upon furniture delivery the staging process takes 2-3 days based on property size. We strongly suggest the property not be shown during staging. First impressions are everything and we want your home to be presented show ready at the initial brokers preview.

Staging Your Home for a Faster Sale – Published Statics

• Homes that are properly staged will evoke an immediate positive response for prospective buyers. The Roanoke Times reports that staged homes sell 50 percent faster and for 5.8 percent more.

• U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged home will sell, on average, 17% higher than an un-staged home.

• The New Your Voice reported that the average number of days an un-staged home is on the market 30.9 versus 13.9 for a staged home.

• According to a National Association of Realtors survey, homes that sold after four weeks on the market sold for 6% less than homes sold within the first four weeks. Don’t be in a position where you have to lower your price. Those first few weeks your home is on the market are crucial. You may never get that potential buyer back. Have your home staged first!